Thanks for reading my new Blog! This is scary for me to actually get on and do it. My eldest son Isaac and youngest daughter, Bea who both know so much about blogging YouTubing, social media marketing, and the like, have been trying to encourage me to do something like this for quite some time, but as like quite a lot of others in my ‘generation’, I’m really not that sure on how these things work! ‘Just do it Mum!’ Humm? Not sure how? But thats just been an ongoing excuse not to do it and I do believe that life will always push you in the right direction when you truly open up to what’s going on around you, so right now seems the time.

So! Self- Isolation…? How’s that going to work for those of you, when like me, you’ve always spent your life ‘on the front line’ working with children and adults to musically engage, sometimes for the first time together, developing self esteem and awareness and communicating emotions and energy on so many diverse levels just by using our voices to sing?

Yet one of the first things in the past week that has really struck me, was seeing those images of Italian communities isolated in their homes, standing on their balconies, opening their mouths and hearts and singing across the empty streets to each other. Thats powerful.

Here in Cornwall, singing lies deep in every community like a seam in an old tin or copper mine. And I think that’s true generally for the rest of the human population. When there’s a crisis, we sing.

I like to think that we’d always sing without a crisis as I understand too well its benefits both physically, mentally and emotionally. I see it’s effects amongst the children and students I teach and the impact it has upon the adults who observe.

So with all this in mind here is my new Blog… Voicelinks.org

I will be sharing my own vocal resources for all my colleagues to use in a new ‘virtual capacity’ over the coming weeks. I’ll be joining forces with my county choirs colleagues and use this platform to share our work.

Please use any resources with your pupils over the coming weeks, you’ve all got so much to do now so I’m hoping I can ease your burden a little as part of my ongoing vocal support to you as we link in cyberspace! I’ll be adding new items – when I learn the next bit of ‘how do I do that’ as this is all new to me. 🤔

Keep singing!


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