My Cornwall, my home!

This is my Cornwall


Welcome to a new set of song resources for schools. Here are a range of vocal resources for you to use with your students along the theme of ‘My Cornwall, my home’.

All resources can be used to teach your students and share either remotely at home or for use in school.

This is my Cornwall, this is my home!

This wonderful song, composed by Harry Glasson, already loved and known by so many has become even more important to us here in Cornwall and beyond, over the past few weeks since ‘lockdown’, with thousands taking to the streets around the county to sing this iconic song at 8.00pm on Thursdays following the NHS clap.

Harry kindly gave the Cornwall County Choirs, (a family of choirs for children aged 3-18 funded by the Cornwall Music Education Hub)- his permission for us to arrange his song into the choral version, consisting of a treble line plus soprano, alto and baritone. Matt, one of the two county choirs Assistant Directors has produced the most glorious of choral arrangements that we used to create our first virtual choir performance, in April 2020.

The county choirs singers were all taught online over a period of three weeks in a series of rehearsals by the choir leaders with vocal tracks created by the choirs’ vocal mentors for the singers to use to rehearse individually at home. The singers then recorded themselves at home singing along to their own particular vocal part and these recordings were all finally combined by Matt- it took him hours to complete. In order to film each singer we used an online meeting platform and filmed the singers together in several sessions. There are programmes created specifically for this purpose that we chose not to use on this occasion. Julia, our second Assistant Director, then painstakingly put the singers’ images together to create flowing visuals and effects.

The completed film was ‘launched ‘ online on Saturday 25th April 2020. Here is a link to our film, I hope you like it:

Find out more on how to join the Cornwall County Choirs

The Cornwall County Choirs will be looking for new members to join us over the next few weeks and so if you have enjoyed watching this virtual film and know of singers might like to join in with future activities such as this with us, ‘social distan-sing’ please get in touch! Click on the link above or email me at

How to learn this song!

You may want to learn this song at home or in school. I am sure many of you will know this song already or have sung it in the past. In case you haven’t, here are resources and links to websites that already promote Harry’s song.

Cornwall my home by Harry Glasson

I’ve stood on Cape Cornwall in the sun’s evening glow,

On Chywoone Hill at Newlyn to watch the fishing fleets go,

Watched the sheave wheels at Geevor as they spun around,

And heard the men singing as they go underground,


And no one will ever move me from this land,

Until the Lord calls me to sit at his hand,

For this is my Eden, and I’m not alone,

For this is my Cornwall and this is my home,

Verse 2

I’ve left childish footsteps in the soft Sennen sand,

I’ve chased the maids there, all giggly and tanned,

I’ve stood on the cliff top in a westerly blow,

And heard the wave thunder on the rocks far below,


Verse 3

First thing in the morning, on Chapel Carn Brea,

To gaze at the Scillies in the blue far away,

For this is my Cornwall, and I’ll tell you why,

Because I was born here and here I shall die.


Great schools resources!

Cornwall Heritage Trust

The Cornwall Heritage Trust have a great education section where you can find several Cornish songs in a specific ‘schools Cornish songs’ collection. ‘Cornwall my home’ is one of the songs found in the collection along with a music score and mp3 recordings.


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